November 2018 - Michael Reid

Fabian Muir: Photographer and explorer

Fabian Muir speaks of growing up in a creative family, of his early interest in photography and the camera as a tool to be used in going behind cultural stereotypes.

Ronan Sulich: All in a day with Christie’s

Ronan Sulich, Christie’s representative in Australia: Ronan meanders through his career; his typical day with Christie’s and his projects and outlook for 2019 – Christie’s 50th year anniversary in Australia. 

Once we had dining rooms

In this first episode, Michael discusses the effect that architecture is having on the process of collecting art and antiques.


ˈvʊndəˌkamə,German ˈvʊndɐˌkamɐ/
noun: Wunderkammer; plural noun: Wunderkammern
a place where a collection of beauties and rarities is exhibited.

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