356 Cielo by Tom Blachford - 2018 | Michael Reid Gallery

Tom Blachford
356 Cielo, 2018

archival pigment print on lustre paper
90 x 134 cm
edition 10 + 2 AP
$3,500 unframed
$4,700 framed

Framing: handmade, stained Tasmanian oak with raw Blackwood corner spine detail and non-reflective glass


Tom Blachford on 356 Cielo:

The Edris house is the only home to appear in every Midnight Modern series and is one of my favourite houses in the whole of Palm Springs. I had tried for years to track down a vintage Porsche for a shot and in the end was put in touch with Rod Emory who’s family has been modifying Porsches for 3 generations. This is his daily driver but his schedule didn’t allow him to make it for the shoot, instead he sent a friend who drove it all the way from LA and back the same day.

A quote I love about this house is that the architect (E. Stewart Williams) wanted it to look as if it grew from the desert, not fell from the sky. It was also stipulated in the terms of sale that the palm trees were never to be groomed, they were only to groom themselves.

The Edris House by E Stewart Williams was built in 1954 for movie theater and tomato farm owner William Edris and his wife, Marjorie, who gave the architect carte blanche to design a home that looked “as if it grew out of the ground rather than falling out of the sky.” (Note: E. Stewart Williams designed the Twin Palm Estate, or the Frank Sinatra House 7 years earlier.)

Edris House stands true to an era of America’s optimistic ideals of minimalistic architectural design and living space, which helped define what became known as the ‘Desert Modern’ style.

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