A Selection of Works by Petrina Hicks - 2005 - 2019 | Michael Reid Gallery

Petrina Hicks
A Selection of Works, 2005 - 2019

A signed limited edition suite of 12 Petrina Hicks photographs.

A selection of key images from Hicks’ highly established and significant practice have been brought together for the art museum and collector. A comprehensive mid-career survey. This assembly of major works will appeal to art museums and collectors interested in holding an in-depth compendium of the artist’s career to date; able to be handled and viewed by an individual. The works may be displayed via their solander box or framed and hung independently. The scale is ideal for presentation and viewing in a private library or study, allowing tangible access to prints spanning the entirety of Hicks’ career. For more information on the included works, please contact the gallery.

Edition of 8 +1AP

PDF Catalogue

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