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Curated by Ashleigh Jones, Michael Reid Sydney will present Amazon//Amazon; an environmentally focussed exhibition of artistic responses to nature and industry, and the often agitated relationship between. Once specifically meaning the world’s largest rainforest, the word ‘Amazon’ now also conjures images of the world’s largest e-commerce company. Twelve artists will collectively transform Michael Reid Sydney into a discussion space with public programming events held throughout the exhibition.

Exhibiting artists include Alec Baker, Nici Cumpston, Tamara Dean, Ara Dolatian, Derek Henderson, Cara Johnson, Kaspar Kagi, Ryan Andrew Lee, Cecina Mardjuwa, Catherine Nelson, Trent Parke and Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra Yukuwa.

Pictured here is:

Ryan Andrew Lee
Wonnarua, 2020
2 channel video
02:01 mins

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