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STONE, Sarah
An Intimate Family Album with beautiful Original Watercolours, c. 1790

Album of forty fine watercolours by the artist of the Leverian Museum signing under her married name, in striking original condition.
England: partly dating from the 1790s, assembled as an album circa 1825-1830.
Quarto album, 40 original watercolours tipped onto coloured pages, most signed “Sarah Smith”, ornately gilt-printed title-page with added hand-painted monogram in gilt reading “JLS & SS”; the binding of an embossed design of maroon roan, with central classical motif surrounded by an ornate floral pattern, signed by the manufacturer Remnant & Edwards with gilt- stamped “Scrap Book” lettered on the spine.

An exquisite unrecorded album of watercolours by Sarah Stone, the artist who made such a decisive contribution to the early natural history of the Pacific and Australia, particularly by her work recording the diverse objects in the Leverian Musuem. The album is a testament to Stone’s range and skill, and is likely to be a key that will help unlock more details of her later career, the least known period of her work as an artist: the great majority of works in the album are signed with her married name and therefore date from after her 1789 marriage. It is a fascinating and enigmatic assemblage, with a clear provenance to her family, dominated by a series of Stone’s signature depictions of sea- life, exotic birds and artificial curiosities, including a fine image of the mysterious “Tahitian Chief Mourner” acquired by Captain Cook.

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