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Artists of Ampilatwatja

Following a successful exhibition in 2020, Michael Reid Berlin is pleased to present another group exhibition featuring the Artists of Ampilatwatja. Most of the artists from Ampilatwatja paint Arreth which translates to “strong bush medicine”. Fine dots and figurative depictions of the land give insight into the significance and ongoing use of traditional bush medicine. The land has provided and sustained the Alyawarr people for generations and Akwerlp Alpeyt Artna Arntetyew is a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness between plant, land, animal and people.

Ampilatwatja is situated 320km north-east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and has a population of about 500. The Artists of Ampilatwatja art centre was established in 1999 and the work of the artists is recognisably distinct. The community made a conscious decision not to paint Altyerr “dreaming stories”, but instead the country in which these stories are found and told.

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