Boom Boom by - 2019 | Michael Reid Gallery

Boom Boom, 2019

tempera on linen
120 x 90 cm

“Boom boom boom boom. Drums, techno, sex, Berlin, bombs, jazz, beating hearts. Boom is an onomatopoeia, it is just a sound, and the word sounds as it sounds and as it is said, ‘boom’.

These paintings are both serious and light-hearted. They have to do with time and movement, repetition, pattern, rhythm, flow, music. I listened to Gill Evans and Amin Tobin and painted boom, boom, boom, boom, over and over again. Bright little abstract shapes bouncing in the dark, it could be stars in the night sky, or the bouncing rhythms of quarks, strings, whatever is down there under everything, It could be the vibrating energy that fills the universe, that fills the space between you and me.

Boom boom boom boom.”

– Arryn Snowball

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