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Candy Nelson Nakamarra
Candy Nelson Nakamarra

“Candy grew up in Papunya with brothers and sisters Lindsay, Mike, Narlie and Dennis Nelson who all learnt to paint from their father, renowned Papunya artist Johnny Warangkula.┬áHe gave them all the rights to paint the Kalipinypa water dreaming story which Candy continues to explore and reinvent in her painting.

Papunya Tjupi Arts is an Aboriginal owned, community-based enterprise, representing over 100 artists. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills to foster self-determination and cultural development. This is done through arts practice, community activities, meaningful employment and training opportunities. All proceeds are split between the artists and the funding of further community projects. We would like to thank you for your support and welcome anyone who would like to visit. Further information is available at”

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  • Candy Nelson Nakamarra
    Candy Nelson Nakamarra

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