Ngalyod at Kubumi by Paul Nabulumo Namarinjmak - 2019 | Michael Reid Gallery

Paul Nabulumo Namarinjmak
Ngalyod at Kubumi, 2019

ochre pigment on stringybark

290 cm x 22 cm

$15,500, including stand

2020 Finalist for the Wynne Prize

The large lorrkkon (hollow log) depicts two Ngalyod (rainbow serpents) at the site Kubumi on Kulmarru clan country. Ngalyod is an important female creator ancestor in Kuninjku religion, associated with the storms and the tempestuous weather of the wet season. Kubumi is a series of deep waterholes along the Mann River that are connected by underground tunnels that Ngalyod created and where she rests today. The site is owned jointly by the Kurulk, Kulmarru and Bordoh clans. In this work, the Ngalyod are depicted with forked tongues, sharp teeth and fin-like tails, referencing the freshwater bodies she inhabits and guards.


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