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Luke Shadbolt
Luke Shadbolt | Maelstrom Book Launch

Maelstrom consists of over 200 pages of mostly unseen imagery of sculptural, textural or erratic displays of oceanic machination Luke Shadbolt has witnessed and captured over the last 5 years.

Maelstrom has been released as a first edition of 1500 copies, hand signed and numbered with 108 images of artworks the artist has taken around the world. Shadbolt’s connection with the ocean runs as deep as his subject.

To take such photos Shadbolt’s connection to the environment is sustained in constant collaboration and compromise. It requires an in-depth understanding of coastal weather, tidal movements, wind and swell forecasts, a cavalier attitude and the ability to drop everything at a moment’s notice to pursue swells from seasonal weather events all around the world.

Congratulations Luke on an incredible first book.

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