Main Warlawoon by Rammey Ramsey - 2010 | Michael Reid Gallery

Rammey Ramsey
Main Warlawoon, 2010

acrylic on board
80 x 100cm
cat no. RR2010-03-375CB

A senior Gija man of Jungurra skin, Rammey Ramsey was born on Old Greenvale Station, Western Australia which is now part of Bow River Station. He left his own and his parents country, Warlawoon, when he was very young, moving first to Bedford Downs. He spent time working as a stockman at Landsdowne Station before subsequently moving to Bow River Station where he lives and works today.

Ramsey began painting for Jirrawun Arts in 2000 and today continues to paint with Warmun Art Centre. His paintings depict the gorge country north west of Halls Creek in an area surrounding Elgee Cliffs. Natural and manmade landmarks including cliffs, hills, river beds, rocks, waterholes, animal habitats, roads, stockyards and meeting places are depicted as lines or shapes, forming bold punctuation marks in a boldly-coloured landscape.

Inspired by his friend, the painter Paddy Bedford, Ramsey has recently turned to painting the Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) way, in which two colours are mixed wet on the surface of the canvas to create a rhythmic, gestural painting effect. This method embodies the four elements – earth, fire, wind and water, and rather than serving to depict country in a traditional sense, represents in painting form the language of natural elements which is crucial to Gija communication.

Ramsey also acts, dances and teaches. His work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions and has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally. In 2014 Ramsey was an Alice Prize Finalist and in 2015 he was honoured at the 32nd Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards.

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