My Country is Irrultja by Kindy Kemarre Ross (b. 1983, Alice Springs, NT) - 2019 | Michael Reid Gallery

Kindy Kemarre Ross (b. 1983, Alice Springs, NT)
My Country is Irrultja, 2019

acrylic on linen
91 x 61 cm

Catalogue No. 1176-19
Location: Sydney

The community of Ampilatwatja made a conscious decision not to paint ‘altyerr’ dreaming stories. The artists paint their country where those stories belong.

“My country is called Irrultja, it’s past the hill and the dried up creek from here, it’s a nice place, my Dad’s country too, and my Mum’s country is here in Ampilatwatja.

When I go to see my country we always go to gather bush medicine, we always climb up the hill that’s in the south, we always go there. We like to look out over the land and there are lots of flowers and bush medicine up there. I love my countryside, I see the nice flowers and gather bush medicine for me and my family.

I like to paint a mix of wild flowers and bush medicines in all my paintings because it reminds me of my favourite part of my country and when it rains the flowers come out. Yeah, my country side.”

Kindy’s predominant theme in her paintings is ‘strong bush medicine’, demonstrating a deep connection to her country. Her work pays homage to the significance and use of traditional bush medicine, allowing an insight into her community. Yet underneath the iridescent surface, there is an underlying sense that there is more to this landscape than meets the eye. In keeping with the religious laws, Kindy reveals only a small amount of knowledge to the uninitiated. The esoteric information that is held sacred to her and her people is concealed from the public and layered underneath the common visual narrative, masked by the delicate layered dots of the painting.


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