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Paul Yore
Paul Yore

Paul Yore’s intensely layered, textile forms comprise an assemblage of text and imagery that aim to mirror and critique society and lived experience. The artist’s painstakingly manual production techniques via quilting, appliqué, needlepoint and embroidery, express a form of ambiguous storytelling. Born 1987 in Melbourne, Australia, where he is currently based, Yore uses these various approaches to invite the viewer to piece together narratives within his subversive and flamboyant patchwork creations

Beyond the glittering surfaces and wild palette, Yore’s motivation for making this new series of work for his second solo exhibition at Michael Reid Berlin, “PATRIOT” is as the artist explains, to “deal broadly with the slipperiness of language, the limitations imposed by borders and boundaries, the weight of competing historical narratives and the prevailing cultural climate that feels at once foreboding and yet full of potentiality”.

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