Primeval Sea by Dr Christian Thompson AO - 2018 | Michael Reid Gallery

Dr Christian Thompson AO
Primeval Sea, 2018

from the series Equinox
c-type print on Fuji Pearl Metallic Paper
120 x 120 cm
edition 5 of 6 + 2AP
$14,000, framed in black with anti-reflective glass

Note: this is the first edition of this highly sought-after work to return to the secondary market

Michael Reid Sydney, 2018
Private Collection, Sydney 

Equinox, Michael Reid Berlin, part of EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography, 2018

Equinox, essay by Professor Ian McLean

Equinox sees Christian Thompson play a spiritual figure posed with the artist’s signature baroque theatre regalia. In Primeval Sea, Thompson is beatified in a halo of everlasting daisies that he wears like a large mask, seemingly drowning in a sea of Australian natives.

For Thompson the floral mask is a means of exploring not effacing his origins; it is a window on his Bidjara ancestry but also the global histories of settler colonialism in which he negotiates his other (Irish, English, German and Jewish) ancestries and peripatetic life. For him this rich lode of differences is to be worked and celebrated. Thus, his masks serve an ontological function of providing an imaginary space or clearing for the showing of his being.

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