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COOK, James & GREEN, Charles
Scientific results from the Endeavour Voyage, published by the Royal Society, 1771

Cook, James and Charles Green. Three printed articles relating to the transit of venus, and magnetic variation in the pacific.
Small quarto, pp. 397-436, with a folding plate and the title page for the Philosophical Transactions Vol. LXI bound in marbled wrappers.
London, The Royal Society, 1771.

Three important articles relating to some of the chief scientific concerns of Cook’s Endeavour voyage, particularly the Transit of
Venus as observed from Tahiti, excerpted from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society for 1771 (articles XLIII-XLV). Cook wrote little for publication: the first piece here, “Observations… at
King George’s Island in the South Sea” (24 pp. with folding table and engraved plate) represents his report of observations made by himself and the Endeavour’s astronomer Charles Green. An interesting plate shows diagrammatically the two men’s differing observations of the transit. The second, more technical piece is “Variations of the compass, as observed on board the Endeavour bark… Communicated by Lieut. James Cook” (11 pp.). The last piece, “communicated” by Cook, is a 4-pp. printed letter “Transitus Veneris & Mercurii… 1769, observatus” concerning the 1769 transit of Venus at Batavia as observed by the astronomer Johan Mohr (see Beaglehole, i, p.442).

The Cook bibliographer Holmes noted the first two articles, but not the third.

Beddie, 647; Holmes, 94 & 95 (the third piece not noticed).

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