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Gerwyn Davies
The 2020 Tree (I)

Gerwyn Davies was invited to design ‘The 2020 Tree’, an iconic reimagining of their famed Christmas Tree, “a symbol of joy and resilience for a time like no other”.

“Inspired by the year its been, the all-new large-scale art piece is a build on QVB’s iconic Christmas tree, but has been made especially for this time. Adorned with everyday objects to bring to life how the ordinary has become extraordinary this year.

Gerwyn expands his artistic practice through a large-scale reimagining of the iconic Christmas Tree. Responding to 2020 and the idea of making something magical from our collective mess, he creates nimble and resourceful art pieces out of unassuming icons of the Australian suburban landscape. Reawakening them from their monotony, objects are distorted and warped, playfully modifying the all too familiar to create sculptures and ornaments that glisten, shimmer and shine.

Using readymade and everyday materials, Gerwyn Davies is known for the assembly of characters through costume that simultaneously conceal, transform and abstract the body. A partnership of juxtapositions, Davies’ playful, bright and evocative work is set against the historic background of the QVB, and solidifies the building’s position as the ever-changing, ever-present beating heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The art community has been especially impacted during this time, so we wanted to bring the power of art to our building, both physically and virtually, to be reminded that the simple things in our life can bring us joy especially during these difficult times and can be anything but ordinary.

The crowning lightning bolt at the top of the tree symbolises the spark of life that the QVB aims to reignite in the recently quietened city of Sydney and the bold interpretation heroes the individual and unique moments of joy that can be experienced even at this difficult time.” — read more on the QVB website

The 2020 Tree was created in collaboration with Chas Clarkson and The QVB.
Installation image at QVB, Sydney with thanks to Terence Chin.

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