Therefore I am by Michael Peck - 2017 | Michael Reid Gallery

Michael Peck
Therefore I am, 2017

oil on linen
167 x 167 cm


Finalist – Sir John Sulman Prize 2017, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney


Drawing on psychological and philosophical influences, Therefore I aminvestigates the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, and looks at the way that memory, experience, history and relationships all come together to create both order and disorder in the way we view the world.
The painting explores the notion that thought is slippery and can be difficult to pin down. It constantly reacts to stimuli, forming then reforming our understanding of the world and our own sense of self. Thought can prove the same idea true then false, but it is through challenging these contradictions that we learn the most.
Michael Peck, 2017

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