Tumbling through the treetops by Tamara Dean - 2020 | Michael Reid Gallery

Tamara Dean
Tumbling through the treetops, 2020

pigment print on cotton rag
110 x 160 cm, unframed
edition of 8 + 2AP

“As our daily lives have suddenly transformed due to COVID-19 I have embraced this period of self-isolation and have been using my photographic process as a form of escapism from my pandemic induced anxieties.

I have been creating a series of photographs in private gardens, using myself as the figurative element in the landscape. At times emboldened within the landscape, at times fleeing from an invisible threat. Reflecting the dual aspects of my psychological response to the virus and the social isolation – from a feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety, to a sense of release and connection to nature.

Also referencing that while we have slowed down, the natural life and lifecycles continue on around us as they always have.” – Tamara Dean

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