Bronzes [Series] art series by , 2014 - 2017

Bronzes [Series], 2014 - 2017

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Artist profile

Penny Byrne

Penny Byrne’s sculptural works are politically charged, highly engaging and often disarmingly humorous. Using materials such as vintage porcelain figurines and found objects, bronze and glass, Byrne’s work presents an ongoing inquiry into popular culture and international politics. Her background in ceramics conservation and the law informs her practice.

Byrne’s ability to work across varying mediums exemplifies how she challenges the boundaries and assumptions around her art.

In 2015 Byrne exhibited in the Venice Biennale exhibition Glasstress Gotika at Palazzo Franchetti on the Grand Canal.

Born in Mildura in regional Australia in 1965, Byrne now lives and works in Melbourne.