DANUBE art series by , 2012
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Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson is an Australian artist who uses digital technology as her paintbrush to create landscape ‘paintings’ and animations.

After completing her art education in painting at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney Catherine quickly moved into the world of film and television. She created visual effects for films such as Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, 300 and Australia. In 2008 she started her own art studio and has since dedicated her time fully to creating her art.

Combining her training as a painter with her expertise in cinematic visual effects, Nelson has created stunning photography which turns the tradition notions of the medium on their head.

Each of Catherine Nelson’s photographs is constructed of hundreds of individual photographs pieced together painstakingly over several months and depicts the artist’s memory of a journey through the landscape. With no single vantage point, the effect is dynamic and fantastical. Sometimes expansive and at other times introspective, Nelson’s works invite the viewer to seek their own journey within the image before them.

Catherine has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums and her work is held in institutional, corporate and private collections around the world.