Greenland DYE Site [SERIES] art series by Array , 2013

Greenland DYE Site [SERIES], 2013

  • Murray Fredericks
    DYE2 #1, 2013

    100 × 165 cm
  • |

    Murray Fredericks
    Dye2 Interior #3 Bar, 2017

    88 × 142 cm
  • Murray Fredericks
    Dye3 Interior #4 Bedroom, 2013

    119 × 92 cm
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Artist profile

Murray Fredericks

Murray Fredericks (b. 1970) undertook studies in politics and economics at Sydney University and initially commenced his career in photography, largely self-taught. He later completed two Masters degrees from UNSW Art & Design (formerly COFA), including his Master of Fine Art by Research, based around the theme of landscape.

Fredericks is an internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning artist recognised for his long-term photographic projects set in vast and featureless locations, such as Lake Eyre and the Greenland ice sheet. His resulting large-scale photographic prints convey a dual experience of internal and external space, emptiness and the void.

Fredericks’ practice, which explores both architectural and landscape subjects, extends from photography to multi-screen video installations and documentary film. His first feature documentary, Salt, for which he was cinematographer and co-director, won twelve major international awards, played over 50 festivals and was screened on the ABC and PBS (USA). Both his still and moving-image works have won a number of awards and sit in leading public and private collections internationally.

Fredericks has received major commissions from significant architects and designers, broadcasters and publishers, including the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic Magazine, and the ABC.