Jason Benjamin: Spencer’s Great Leap Forward art series by , 2015

Jason Benjamin: Spencer’s Great Leap Forward, 2015

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Jason Benjamin (1971-2021)

In Jason Benjamin’s exquisite landscapes sweeping country plains, broad skies and panoramic beaches are imbued with hope and renewal. Memory and experience of particular locations ignites each new body of work but Benjamin’s paintings are rarely topographically precise and, together with their thought-provoking titles, invite the viewer’s personal associations.

A minimalist spirit has recently crept into Benjamin’s painting inspired by his love for the pared back simplicity of Canadian-born painter Agnes Martin, the calligraphic brushwork of Chinese landscape traditions and the shimmering beauty of music by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Committed to stripping away all unnecessary elements from his work, Benjamin’s palette has become more restricted and his subjects more spartan.

Benjamin was a regular finalist in the Archibald and Moran prizes, is represented in numerous public and private collections within Australia, and exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.