Brian Robinson’s Torres Strait Islander heritage and passion for experimentation come together in works which cross the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Robinson works in a graphic style across painting, printmaking, sculpture and design, combining influences from traditional cultural motifs through to graffiti art.

In particular, he draws on the tropical marine environment surrounding Waiben (Thursday Island) in the Torres Strait, the traditions and customs of its living and ancestral human and animal inhabitants, which are of great personal significance to the artist. These subjects combine with Robinson’s ongoing exploration of Western cultural iconography in striking and unique ways.

Robinson’s work has contributed significantly to the environs of Cairns, his home for two decades, through a number of major public art installations including the five signature stainless steel woven fish sculptures and fountain installed on the Cairns Esplanade in 2003. His work has been widely collected privately and through major institutions both in Australia and overseas.

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