Gregor Kregar works across media, subject matter and scale in order to question existing meanings of familiar objects. By stripping away preconceived and habitual knowledge of the every day, kitsch or domestic, Kregar’s works surprise, confound and delight.

The sense of obsession and consumption in Kregar’s work is the result of repetition and flawless craftsmanship. His technically proficient objects mimic the manufactured and send a cautionary message of greed and progress in an irreversible capitalist age.

Kregar’s recent work examines futuristic sculptural constructions which reflect their surroundings. Space and perspective become activated and distorted as the viewer moves instinctively around the pieces. In another series, mirror polished stainless steel gnomes appearing to be liquid mercury and in possession of morphing powers, stand guard to a mythical world.

Kregar is regularly commissioned for public art projects and his sculptures can be found in Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. He has undertaken residencies in New Zealand, Australia, China and the USA.

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