Hamilton Darroch ‘interrupts familiar things with colour’. Ham Darroch’s work relishes the contrast of different patinas and surfaces with the smooth, crisp outline of painted shapes.

To create his works Darroch collects discarded household implements and tools and has even been known to salvage detritus washed up on the banks of the River Thames. He then adds colour wheels, bright geometric patterns or references to well-known works of art and music. Blackened shovels with letterbox slashes of colour recall Nolan’s Ned Kelly; Mondrian-style grids are transferred onto trowels, and Darroch’s signature table tennis bats are emblazoned with abstractions of Matisse’s La Danse or strips of gradually fading blue reflecting the reverberating music of Philip Glass.

Darroch studied at the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales. Since 2006 he has worked in the studio of renowned British artist Bridget Riley.

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