Jordan Richardson - Artist - at Michael Reid Gallery

Jordan Richardson

  • Jordan Richardson
    The Dunce, 2020

    92 × 66 cm
  • Jordan Richardson
    White Orchid, 2021

    56 × 67 cm
  • Jordan Richardson
    Lion, 2021

    96.5 × 137.5 cm
  • Jordan Richardson
    Wussy Pillow, 2020

    136 × 168 cm


  • Jordan Richardson
    Venus, 2022

    122.3 × 183.4 cm
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Artist profile

Jordan Richardson

Jordan Richardson is an emerging Central Coast based artist who wistfully explores the material of paint. The act of painting for Richardson is an investigation into the medium, the historical and its lineage of storytelling. However, Richardson’s storytelling is uniquely contemporary. His stories are one of mystery and humour, what is funny is left as a mystery to the viewer that only the titles hint at and perhaps only the artist knows. His enigmatic figures are donned in costumes and personas they don’t seem to fit. They are painted posed against colour block backgrounds of bubble-gum pink and charcoal grey which offer no information just dislocation from context. When viewing Richardson’s work one can sense the joy that the painter obviously has for his medium. This can be seen nestled within his brushstrokes that are both highly technically skilled and peppered with play.

Richardson is a three times Archibald finalist and twice has been highly commended in the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art scholarship, in 2014 and 2015 respectively. He was a finalist in the inaugural 2020 Darling Portrait Prize and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) from the National Art School, Sydney.


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