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Neridah Stockley

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Neridah Stockley

Neridah Stockley’s paintings are felt as well as seen – trees cast long shadows over a sun-baked campground or fine telegraph wires stretch across dove grey skies. Looking at one of Stockley’s landscapes is like accompanying her on a painting expedition. She distills landscapes into simple forms using bold brush strokes of strong colour so that her geographically precise works – the grassy mounds at the fort at Bare Island or the rounded rockface at Nobby’s Head – are instantly recognisable.

Working in pencil enables Stockley to put more detailed elements in her drawings but they retain the same feeling of direct observation and immediacy as her paintings. It has been a natural progression to work in collage, a medium that allows further exploration of the relationship between shape, space and colour.

Originally from Sydney Stockley now lives and works in Alice Springs. She is represented in national and international collections including the Araluen Collection and the collection of Parliament House, Canberra.