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Peter Churcher

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Peter Churcher

Nearly ten years ago, after spending time in Barcelona as an artist in residence at the Australia Council studio, I made the bold step to relocate myself, my family and studio to Barcelona on a permanent basis.

Just recently, after spending the initial years in the one apartment and studio, I relocated to new premises in another part of town. The change of studio after nearly ten years of working in the one space afforded me a considerable change of light and aspect which immediately informed a new body of work, a shift in my palette and my outward look as an artist.

My new studio has a rear balcony which overlooks a large interior patio. From this balcony I can leave my very private and inner sanctum of the studio and be in the outside world, under the gaze of many stranger’s eyes and me, in turn, returning their glances with my own as we go about our everyday duties on the balcony, hanging out the washing, watering the plants, etc.

The dense, inner-city apartment lifestyle of Barcelona as opposed to the much more inward and private life of Australian Suburban living I had grown up in has attracted and intrigued me ever since relocating here. I am fascinated by the close proximity of humans, the voyeuristic tendencies that arise and the “miradas indescretas”* one must try to avoid during everyday life here.

This flow from the inner, private world of the studio space directly out into the wider, outside world was something I had never had before and I quickly started playing with this theme, placing models out on the balcony, exploring the voyeur theme and the close, densely packed play of shapes and colours that inner Barcelona life affords.

This is the recent impetus behind this latest series of works that I show here now.

* “indiscrete glances”