Joseph McGlennon- Art Collector Interview - Michael Reid

Joseph McGlennon- Art Collector Interview

Art Collector Magazine releases online monthly in-depth artist interviews in its Pull Focus video series, which takes its lead from their print magazine feature of the same name. Focusing in on a single work by an artist, and what it is that makes a particular artwork WORK as a work of art.

Here we see Louise Martin-Chew in conversation with artist Joseph McGlennon about his work Awakening #10 – Hard Land. This work featured in Joseph’s recent solo exhibition, Awakening, which was shown offsite in Woollhara in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Some of the works from this series are also showing at ‘Sydney Contemporary Presents: 2020’ with Michael Reid Sydney.

Following the cancellation of Sydney Contemporary 2020, a new initiative was born: ‘2020’, an experiential, bespoke digital initiative supporting the arts community.

Watch the whole interview below:


Moving On Up

As an old Comrade, Gough Whitlam once said, It’s time.  The Sydney gallery is growing in artists, turnover, colleagues and