Navigating Cook- with Derek McConnell & Toby Meagher - Michael Reid

Navigating Cook- with Derek McConnell & Toby Meagher

Navigating Cook was held at Michael Reid Sydney in conjunction with Hordern House, rare book dealers, from April 26 to May 23, 2020. Anne McCormick and Derek McConnell, the directors of Hordern House are among the world’s foremost authorities in the books, maps, globes and materials associated with early exploration and travel. The scholarly depth and material riches provided by Hordern House within Navigating Cook anchor the genesis of the Cook myth, with significant contemporary Australian and New Zealand Artists uniquely charting the changing attitudes to Cook’s first contact, 250 years prior.

Presented by Derek McConnell of Hordern House and Gallery Director, Toby Meagher, this compilation of videos provides insight into the breadth and significance of the artefacts shared by Hordern House, as well as a deeper observation of the works of Joan Ross and Marc Etherington.

Footage by Derek Henderson.


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