Rew Hanks- Interview with Richard Morecroft - Michael Reid

Rew Hanks- Interview with Richard Morecroft

“Colonialism, cane toads, kangaroos and Captain Cook – all these (and a great deal more, including Napoleon and Josephine) are part of Rew Hanks intricate, satirical and carefully researched lino-cuts. After an extraordinary run of national and international awards, Rew talks with Richard Morecroft about invaders, dwarf emus and keeping his tools sharp.”

To mark 250 years since Cook’s explorations of New Zealand and Australia, Michael Reid Sydney presents Navigating Cook in collaboration with Hordern House Antiquarian Book Dealers, featuring 4 works by Rew Hanks. Rew speaks with Richard Morecroft as part of a new remote interview series with Artists about their practice and works, and is designed to be viewed alongside their exhibition catalogue. You can download the catalogue from this page.



Moving On Up

As an old Comrade, Gough Whitlam once said, It’s time.  The Sydney gallery is growing in artists, turnover, colleagues and