BERLIN DREAMING - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery


16 Aug - 20 Sep 2019

It goes without saying Berlin is an artistic hub – it heaves with galleries, allures artists from around the globe, and expresses its individualism through its art lovers and love for the counterculture.

Not alone in the process of gentrification, Berlin and its arts landscape are ever-changing. What remains consistent however is the freedom of and acceptance for exploration. Berlin is a playground, a place where artists uncover ideas, dream, take risks, and consume a unique mix of histories, peoples and cultures.

As we celebrate Michael Reid Berlin’s sixth year in this cultural capital, we present BERLIN DREAMING. A group exhibition featuring artists, Australian and international who call Berlin home, or draw creativity from this metropolis.

Exhibiting artists: Konstantin Déry, Lucy Dyson, Marion Fink, Theresa Möller, Arryn Snowball and Brett Weir. Curated by Laura Thompson.

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  • Lucy Dyson
    Big Smoke, 2019

    40 × 30 cm
  • Lucy Dyson
    Crack A Smile, 2019

    30 × 24 cm


  • Lucy Dyson
    Mirage, 2019

    30 × 24 cm
  • Brett Weir
    Untitled #126, 2018

    60 × 60 cm
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