Big Rain Has Got To Come Down - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Lucy Vader
Big Rain Has Got To Come Down

7 - 31 Mar 2018

This is my response to the land, sky and animals that populate my drives across regional Australia.

Whacked as we are with rainless periods, Australia is at some times a paradise and at others, a land of heartbreak.

My abstract landscapes express emotion and sensation.

Rain and clouds feature greatly in my work. Big Rain Has Got To Come Down, and we have faith that it will, eventually. My weather works are songs to the skies, little poems of request, and are indicative of the love of life-bringing rain I hold dear. Rain satiates, and sunshine conjures life from the wetted land. I hope in some sense that my paintings bring good weather our way.

Now, dogs on the other hand are another thing… I travel the world each year and when I do I draw dogs. I am not entirely sure why, it just happens. They say it’s the year of the dog, but in my world every year is the year of the dog and sometimes it’s a dog of a year. My drawings are a happy collation of scribbles and more sustained drawings, with a couple of sheep and cows thrown in.

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