Eraser - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Brett Weir

19 Nov - 19 Dec 2020

Michael Reid Sydney is thrilled to announce Brett Weir’s  2020 solo exhibition Eraser. Brett’s experiments with vivid swathes of colour have garnered him success with collectors across Europe and Australia.

Over the past decade, the artist has divided his time between Gippsland in regional Victoria, and his adopted home of Zurich, Switzerland. Yet, his solo show Eraser was marked by the cataclysm of Covid 19 and how this unprecedented time halted his international living and consequently divided his work into two parts mid way through production. Also bisecting in his approach,  Brett describes the works in this show as either positive or negative; his painted works as positives and the scraped paintings as negatives. Where Brett’s process has generally been one of building layers of colour upon a surface of aluminium, equally this series is born of reductive methods involving movement and force applied to reveal previous stages of the painting. Yet all works continue to be charged with intense complementary colours that challenge each other on the aluminium surface.

The title Eraser not only alludes to Thom Yorke’s debut album and song The Eraser,  but also to the constant flow of influence that music forms in Brett’s art practice.

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