From Coast to Escarpment, Spirit Worlds of Maningrida - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Various Artists
From Coast to Escarpment, Spirit Worlds of Maningrida

12 Jul - 7 Aug 2018

Curated to coincide with the exhibition John Mawurndjul: I am the old and the new   (Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of South Australia), Michael Reid Sydney and Maningrida Arts & Culture are pleased to present this exhibition, From Coast to Escarpment, Spirit Worlds of Maningrida.

We invite you to enter the spirit realm of West Arnhem-land. Through the contemporary practice of leading Maningrida artists these spirit beings are alive.  Some friendly, some mischievous and others malevolent, they are divined from the djang of five language groups across many countries.  The exhibition includes ceremonial regalia, sculpture and paintings by Jack Nawilil, Owen Yalandja, Ivan Namirrkki, Susan Marawarr, Deborah Wurrkidj, Marcus Dijarama Pascoe, Paul Nabulumo Namarinjmak, Rosina Gunjarrwanga, Serena Bonson and Sonia Namarnyil.

  • Namurrungkidj ‘Fish-Stealing Spirit’

    270 × 41 × 12 cm
  • Paul Nabulumo Namarinjmak
    Djung, 2018

    178 × 49 cm
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