Highlights from Sammlung Klein - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Highlights from Sammlung Klein

8 Jan - 13 Feb 2021

‘Highlights from Sammlung Klein’ is a collaborative exhibition brought together by Michael Reid Berlin, Papunya Tula Artists Association and The Klein Collection (Sammlung Klein). The exhibition showcases key works by Papunya Tula artists that are held in Peter and Alison Klein’s private art collection in Eberdingen, southern Germany.

The Klein’s are some of Europe’s most renowned collectors who have supported Australian Indigenous communities for a number of years. Their gallery space, KUNSTWERK Sammlung Klein, was opened in 2007 and several exhibitions have highlighted the couple’s dedication to Indigenous Art. In August 2020 the Michael Reid Berlin team had the pleasure of meeting Peter Klein and viewing his collection and their gallery space in person. 

This exhibition, which opens Michael Reid Berlin’s 2021 program, serves to shed light on contemporary Aboriginal Art in the international realm. And furthermore, the important role of the collector. These works all belong to the private collection of Peter & Alison Klein. We have a small selection of available works by Papunya Tula artists available for purchase through Michael Reid Berlin.

On this page you can download the exhibition catalogue, which contains an essay by Georges Petitjean (the curator of Fondation Opale, Switzerland and former head of the Aboriginal Contemporary Art Museum, Utrecht), an insightful in-conversation piece and information on the exhibiting artists George Tjungurrayi, George Ward Tjungarrayi, Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri and Yukultji Napangati.

We invite you to discover more about contemporary art from across Australia and its rightful place in the global art market.

To view and acquire available Papunya Tula works please click here.

  • George Tjungurrayi
    Untitled, 2005

    137 × 122 cm
  • Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri
    Untitled, 2009

    153 × 122 cm
  • Yukultji Napangati
    Untitled, 2008

    183 × 122 cm
  • George Ward Tjungurrayi
    Untitled, 2004

    153 × 183 cm
  • Yukultji Napangati
    Untitled, 2001

    91 × 122 cm
  • ‘Highlights from Sammlung Klein’ – Install view I

  • ‘Highlights from Sammlung Klein’ – Install view II

  • ‘Highlights from Sammlung Klein’ – Install view III

  • ‘Highlights from Sammlung Klein’ – Install view IV

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