Hyper Hyper - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Yvette Coppersmith, Scott Gardiner, Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Conny Maier, Joseph Marr, David Palliser, David Ralph, Laura Skerlj, Darren Wardle, Jennifer Woelki
Hyper Hyper

3 Mar - 15 Apr 2017

The definition of hyper is ‘too excited and energetic’, or ‘having too much of a quality’.
Hyper Hyper, a group exhibition, features a seemingly disparate range of medium, scale, palette, and subject matter. The scope of works belies an inherent cohesiveness – that of the hyper; hyper coloured, hyper fabricated, hyper conscious.
The exhibition yields an unreality, from Joseph Marr’s sickly sweet sugar figures, to David Palliser’s dreamy mindscapes, to Jennifer Woelki’s pairing back of gesture and painterly abstraction to a core essence. Everything is profoundly true, but dramatically skewed, recognisably ‘real’, yet undeniably illusory.

Hyper Hyper marks the beginning of Michael Reid Berlin’s 2017 exhibition programme.

March 3 – April 15, 2017

Opening March 3, 6-8pm

Yvette Coppersmith (AU)
Scott Gardiner (AU)
Okka-Esther Hungerbühler (DE)
Benjamin Lichtenstein (AU)
Conny Maier (DE)
Joseph Marr (AU/DE)
David Palliser (AU)
David Ralph (AU/DE)
Laura Skerlj (AU)
Darren Wardle (AU)
Jennifer Woelki (DE)

For more information on this exhibition email: andygomez@michaelreid.com.au

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