Life Rituals of the Street - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Peter Churcher
Life Rituals of the Street

28 Apr - 24 Jun 2017


28.04.17 – 27.05.17

Opening Friday April 28, 6pm – 8pm

The common thread running through the main works in this exhibition is that they were the result of my direct observation of certain daily rituals playing out in the streets as I wander the city. I see much in the daily life of the dense urban environment of Barcelona, not everything calls me and demands to become a painting, but certain images fuse in my mind and become the subject of a painting in the studio.

A group of youths enacting the ritual of the “Botellón” (sharing of a bottle outdoors) in a crowded Plaza, two young guys in a Hostel window engrossed in their telephones, a lone youth dressed in party costume on his way to an event on the Metro, the young butcher who works at my local market . . . these are actual things I saw, recorded on my phone camera and later developed into images for paintings in the studio. The impetus for the image may start with a phone snap in the street but this is then developed in the studio, the composition often diverging from the original photograph and models are often brought into the studio to recreate the figures in the scene.

I am always at my most comfortable and invigorated making a painting when it is the result of a direct visual experience set before me. Sometimes this can be nothing more than an arrangement of objects in my studio, such as the still-lives, but often it is a result of that moment one captures out of the corner of one’s eye in the street that provides that all important impetus for the work.

Peter Churcher

  • Peter Churcher
    Oranges, 2016

    60 × 73 cm
  • Peter Churcher
    Quinces, 2016

    38 × 46 cm
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