[London] Photo London 2017 - Acquiesce the Front - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Luke Shadbolt
[London] Photo London 2017 – Acquiesce the Front

18 - 21 May 2017

The photography of Luke Shadbolt documents the exchange, cycle and balance of power fundamental to the functioning of our planet and its oceans. It is an exploration of the balance of light and dark inherent in nature, both on a physical and qualitative level.

In his first body of work, Maelstrom, 2016, Shadbolt captured a series of sudden, fleeting, chaotic acts which produced an oceanic force of sheer primal ferocity. A duality that occurs in nature; creation and destruction in a single act. Reflecting upon these chaotic weather events of the 2016 El Nino incident, Shadbolt was prompted to examine the broader array of moments that fell before, after and in between these violent deliveries in his latest series, Acquiesce the front, 2017.

Luke Shadbolt (b. 1984, Australia) was born and raised in the Central Coast of New South Wales. He studied Visual Communication at the University of Newcastle (Australia) and has since freelanced as an extreme sports and fashion/lifestyle photographer. For this he has recently secured covers of Surfing World and the QANTAS Magazine. Furthermore, he is a prominent creative director and has worked with commercial and editorial clients including Audi, Tourism Australia, Nikon and Veuve Clicquot.

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