New Works - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Andrea Huelin
New Works

16 - 30 Sep 2021

Today we are please to share ten new works from the studio of Andrea Huelin, an artist who has gained a substantial following in the twelve month since joining the Michael Reid Sydney stable.

Andrea Huelin’s practice is grounded in the depiction of the still life genre, rendered in high intensity colour. Her painting process is particularly concerned with exploring the way that light interacts with the objects she chooses to paint. In her paintings, Andrea Huelin employs what she describes as an ‘economical’ use of oils, striving to illustrate her compositions with as few brush strokes as possible. Contrary to what this may suggest, a high level of discipline is required of Huelin in this process. Huelin’s paintings appear effortlessly composed, an aesthetic benchmark only achievable by painters who posses a superior understanding of their craft.

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