Place In Between: The Changeling - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Narelle Autio
Place In Between: The Changeling

20 May - 12 Jun 2021

Narelle Autio has returned to her renowned cinematic style in this new body of work, capturing the dark depths of the sea and the moments of magic concealed by its murky waters.

This new body of work is very personal to the artist, tracing its beginning to an idea born in motherhood, a time the Autio calls immersive and all consuming much like the ocean. As a mother of young teenagers, Autio feels she is coming up for air yet is also suspended in her own new beginnings.

These new underwater works, which were photographed under many of South Australia’s jetties, are a metaphor for life and its incessant move towards change, yet they are also capturing the in between moments of the changelings, the place in between. These unstaged works suspend moments of swimmers jumping off the jetty that Narelle is submerged under. In the midst of a magical episode, their bodies are incapsulated in bubbles and motion. As the bubbles dissipate, the swimmer is briefly revealed as a strange figure… they could be fairies or even something more sinister.

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