Pollen - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Joseph McGlennon

5 - 27 Nov 2021

Now open at Michael Reid Berlin – in conjunction with the recent worldwide debut at Michael Reid Sydney – Pollen by Joseph McGlennon represents three years of work by the celebrated Scottish/Australian artist.

It is 10 years since fine art photographer Joseph McGlennon held his first solo exhibition, a decade in which he has been awarded the respected Bowness Photography Prize, become a fixture in private and public galleries alike and been named a finalist in numerous photography awards including the Olive Cotton Award. Depicting one of Australia’s most recognisable birds, the lorikeet, the present series is the next chapter exploring rebirth and recovery from the nation’s devastating bush fires in 2019/2020. Showing birds in flight for the first time in his career, each carrying a native flower in their beak, the works explore hope, resilience and the ever-present danger of Australia’s natural environment.

This exhibition represents the first solo-exhibition of these remarkable works. Those interested in discussing an acquisition are encouraged to enquire about availability as soon as possible.

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