Sky Minded - Raglan Gallery Cooma - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Lucy Vader
Sky Minded – Raglan Gallery Cooma

2 - 30 Jun 2018

I became inspired by Monaro landscape since I first laid eyes on it; the understated yet grand infinite skies and velvety cloaks of ochre grasses. I particularly recall noting that the sheep all faced the same way in the paddocks –positioning themselves like sun dials to receive optimum warmth.

The region has always been a natural fit for my landscape aesthetic. My mind frequently visits the feeling of the Monaro when I’m working in the studio: there is something about the specific vast but mild-mannered glory that speaks directly to my inspiration.

The sky is a governing source of artistic impetus in my work. We look to the skies for our futures, like an ever-changing oracle. When I look at the landscape I see it as an abstract representation of colours, inherited memories, and archetypal feelings. Animals punctuate colour fields, skies demand awe, and the land challenges and rewards. I gravitate toward the representation of the luminous splendour of the unassuming, unornamented, yet quietly majestic landscape.

To a degree in my work I am portraying or exploring a psychological landscape, one which ponders Australian history and current weather events, one which seeks to invoke a depth of recognition, and a search for harmony in colour, subject, and composition: a union between the sky and the land, and the animals we work with therein.

Lucy Vader, 2018.

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