Stockroom Highlights Part II - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Catherine Nelson, Brett Weir, Peter Churcher, Joseph McGlennon
Stockroom Highlights Part II

4 - 26 Feb 2017

Stockroom Highlights Part II explores notions of the contemporary landscape, flora, and fauna.

Joan Ross is featured with her distinctive scenarios and palette. Catherine Nelson’s Belgium Beach is from the artist’s ongoing ‘Worlds’ series in which traditional landscapes are digitally manipulated to create tondos, or spheres, abstracting what would otherwise be an easily recognisable photograph.

Christian Thompson once again appears this time with Danger Will Come, from the 2012 series ‘We Bury Our Own’ touching as he often does on the mythology of the landscape and time itself.

Peter Churcher’s Nostalgia imposes a sturdy fighting bull standing atop linen covered table gazing through a frame to an idyllic landscape. The painting is soaked with it’s own title, from the scrubby edges of the work itself, exposing the canvas underneath to look aged, to the dream-like application of the paint.

Brett Weir is the final artist with two works Untitled (1) and Untitled (2). Weir explores a thin line between abstraction and landscape, moving the paint in an impasto fashion on an aluminium surface, giving the works luminosity and depth.

  • Dr Christian Thompson AO
    Danger Will Come, 2012

    100 × 100 cm
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