Take Me Home - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Marc Etherington
Take Me Home

8 Mar - 1 Apr 2017

“Take Me Home is an exhibition of big paintings. It’s about monsters and detectives and love and loss, and shit…”

Marc Etherington, January 2017


Take me home is a quasi narrative, inspired by 20th C. American detective genre films. At the centre of the narrative is a nameless detective who witnesses the death of his wife and is again reunited with her as he ascends through clouds, after undergoing a cathartic ‘journey’ of revenge. There are references to True Grit and also echoes of science fiction, thriller and horror in this body of work.

Self-taught, Etherington has maintained a consistent practice in painting and small sculpture for over a decade and more recently has worked with larger scale sculptural installations and ceramics. His sculptural works touch on themes such as mass production and collectibles.

Etherington’s portraits of fellow artists, Ken Done (2016) and Del Kathryn Barton (2015) have been finalists in the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery NSW. He has also exhibited in John Fries Art Award at UNSW Art & Design and The Fisher’s Ghost at Campbelltown Arts Centre (both 2014). In 2015 Etherington held a solo exhibition at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.

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