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The Curated Eye

James Dorahy selects from the Sydney Stock Room

James Dorahy has a reputation for his unique eye and expertise in his knowledge and presentation of contemporary art. James has curated a selection of 12 works currently available in our stockroom that provide a window to his personal taste and aesthetic.

“My private collection includes painting, sculpture and photography so I have naturally included each genre in this selection. I am drawn to form and colour and that runs through this selection. The simplicity of the distilled landscape in Neridah Stockley’s Whaler’s Tunnel, or the joy of Trevor Smith’s Strawberry Gateau both delight me. The technical brilliance and details within Joseph McGlennon’s Eclectus Australis – Two Galahs draw me in to this exotic work. The humour in Wayne Youle’s I will swap you our Russell Crowe for your Rosalie Gascoigne is the counterpoint to the colourful and skilful execution of this dynamic painting. I would happily add each of these works to my private collection and can share on why I am drawn to the other works in this selection. Anyone who may be interested to know more, please send me an email to continue the conversation.


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