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The Curated Eye

Laura Thompson selects from the Berlin Stock Room

Laura has selected several works that are currently available from the Berlin stockroom providing insight into her personal taste and character.

“Having initially studied photography I am drawn to the cleanness of Petrina Hicks’ works, I find the hyper-real and contextless background of Ghostbite compelling. Similarily I am in awe of the colour and level of detail in Catherine Nelson’s Monks Garden. I cannot speak highly enough of Peter Churcher’s talent, his series Behind the Screen was one of the most attended exhibitions we have hosted in Berlin, with a refreshing gaze at masculinity. Shower screen III melts up close, but from a distance, the work comes together in astounding detail. The personality of an artist speaks through their work and throughout my career I am blessed to have made good friends with many. The phrase “hand on heart” speaks to the humble character of Wayne Youle, and Toucan expresses the quirky and colourful nature of Berlin’s Lucy Dyson. I would happily take any of these pieces home, should you wish to know more, please reach out via email:”


  • Peter Churcher
    Shower screen III, 2019

    130 × 89 cm
  • Petrina Hicks
    Ghostbite, 2008

    120 × 120 cm
  • Lucy Dyson
    Toucan, 2013

    25 × 33 cm
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