Alesandro Ljubicic: The Scent of Painting

2 Sep - 24 Sep 2016

Tuesday to Saturday from 11am – 5pm, or by appointment outside these hours.

A colour-intensive, physically immersive response to the beauty of nature, The Scent of Painting will envelop the viewer in a creative collaboration that brings together the artist; the Sydney-based florist, Mr. Cook; the Brisbane-based perfumer, Damask Perfumery; and the bespoke scarf manufacturer Kmossed, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Examining the intense beauty of nature, Ljubicic invites the audience on a multi-layered and vivid experience through this constructed ecosystem; each sense engaged by a heady mix of colour, texture and aroma.

The Scent of Painting reveals both of Ljubicic’s best known art forms: his large and small scale Still Life floral paintings on stretched linen and his gestural colour studies on birch boards. Both instantly recognisable by the drag and scoop of vibrant slabs of pure oil paint; the resulting surfaces taking on a distinctly sculptural quality.

Ljubicic draws inspiration from a diverse selection of florists both nationally and internationally. For The Scent of Painting, he has collaborated closely with floral designer Sean Cook. To compliment the new body of work, Ljubicic, for the first time, has also created a unique magnolia infused scent and limited edition, hand-made scarves printed with his artwork, both available within the exhibition.

“In essence I am creating a multi-layered experience that provokes all the senses. This new body of work moves beyond the canvas to explore new creative forms that the audience can interact with in an intimate way,” explains Ljubicic.

About the Artist

Flowers burst out from Alesandro Ljubicic’s large, textured canvases. Sweeps and daubs of vivid colour convey his intense response to the beauty of nature. Ljubicic’s less resolved Colour Studies share the same emotional charge. These smaller panels, created at the same time as the larger flower works, further explore the effects of layering paint. Whorls and waves of different colours resist blending together, competing to be the most vibrant. The trace of Ljubicic’s brush and palette knife is clearly visible; dragging and scooping thick layers of oil paint to create sculptural surfaces.

Born in Jajce, in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ljubicic studied at the National Art School.

After graduating in 2007 he founded The Sydney Art Store.