Theatre of Dreams - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Wendy Sharpe
Theatre of Dreams

4 - 28 Nov 2015

Wendy Sharpe Theatre of Dreams 14 October – 28 November 2015 Theatre of Dreams is an exhibition of works on paper, predominantly in gouache with some oil stick. There is no precise narrative, but instead it is more psychological and open to individual interpretation It explores the themes of relationships , memory , restlessness and longing. Some are real and some imagined. Some are more representational while others more mysterious. I would like the viewer to approach these works through their own inner world and experiences. Works on paper have always been a large part of my practice, and I have often made work about the act of drawing and creation itself. The choice to display them directly on the wall adds to their immediacy and makes them more direct. I have always wanted to have an exhibition of this kind, an installation of poetic work. Wendy Sharpe, September 2015

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