Wolf Market - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Yanni Floros
Wolf Market

6 - 30 Apr 2016

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am – 5pm, Monday and Tuesday by appointment. The wolf is strong and decisive. The wolf searches for its prey through the power of scent, chance encounter and tracking. The wolf isolates its prey from the herd, relying on a concealed approach followed by the swift killer rush. The wolf’s highly focused throat-bitting method allows it to kill one animal and move onto the next, slaughtering the heard for gain. In the animal kingdom as in the financial market; herds are mustered and then herds are slaughtered. The financial Wolf Market; characterised by tight trading, increased volatility and quick reversals, is a killing ground. Open to the fast, decisive and friendless trader who employs lupine hunting tactics to isolate and savage stock through short-selling. In the exhibition Wolf Market, Adelaide based, National Art School Sydney trained artist Yanni Floros’s fine, highly wrought drawings focus on the dark heart of the rouge financial trader. Floros depicts the elegantly masked trader, on the cusp of the killer rush. The financial wolf, swathed in super fine Merino (literally sheep’s clothing). The ruthless trader that eats what it kills in the market. The slaughter of the financial heard for personal gain. Ranging beyond hyperrealism, Wolf Market displays the extraordinary precision and singularly impressive drawing facility of Floros, showcasing his observant and stylishly caustic reading of the animal instinct behind human behaviour.

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