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Michael Reid App

It was a good client, who on struggling to bring up his latest art acquisition on Smartphone said…” you should build an art collecting App for your clients, a simple one stop showcase spot. It would be bloody helpful”… so we did.

Designed by Aiden McConnell, with input from Joel Warren, Daisy Aylott, my colleagues and I; the free Michael Reid App is an elegant, simple to use, yet sophisticated art viewing App – all images and details are kept on the user’s Smartphone, becoming a private image stockroom for your collection.

An App where you engage one button, to view your collected treasures, modest and grand. An App that has all the necessary art viewing details you need, without clutter. An App that allows you to see the most relevant details pertaining to your artworks, and yet can keep some information such as purchase price, for your eyes only. An app that allows you to share the joy of collecting outside the walls of your home.

This art viewing App, in its own way, illustrates our gallery’s commitment to service; our commitment to best practice; our commitment to developing both new and experienced collectors and to just being – quite frankly – helpful.

In terms of Privacy, again best practice. All information is held on the viewers Smartphone. Nothing is in the Cloud. We see nothing. We share nothing. We are nothing if not helpful. Please see our art collecting App Privacy Statement.

Michael Reid